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emirates arlines

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From: chelle scoobie <>
Date: May 13, 2006 10:58 AM
Subject: emirates arlines

Hell i just used the search engine and your web page appeared. Tell me about
it my complian is endless. I have just got home after one of the worst
flights i have ever been on.

It began in Glasgow International airport at 14.00 yesterday. I checked in
my luggage and they were quite helpful at the desK, i asked for a bassinet
for my infant child of only 4 months to sleep in while i was on a long
transfer flight from Glasgow-Dubai ending in Perth Australia.
i was helped onto the plane at glasgow international airport they allowed me
to walk with the pram to the borading gate. but i wasnt given a bassinet as
i had asked for until four hours into the flight.
This is only the beginning i was travelling alone with my daughter and as
you can imagine things are difficult at the best of times with a baby, let
alone on a flight with no help. after flying for 7 and half hours i finnally
arrived at dubai airport where i was not told the exit the plane. All adding
to what later becomes apparent, i had a small baby i also was offered no
help with the very heavey bags i had. With a bag on my back and one over my
shoulder and my baby crying in my arms i began to leave the plane with
everyone else. A very kind gentleman helped me with a bag once in the
transfer section.
I collapsed before i got in the transfer lounge i had a blackout. i was
helped by the gentlemen down to see the medics which took so long it made me
miss my final call to perth. The man that was helping me, went up with me
back through security checks again to the commissions desk where i was told
that i would have to pay a large charge to return home and that they would
not accept the only form of payment i had which was maestro/switch. i had no
money they sent me downstaires once again in the blistering 29 deg heat with
all the stuff in my hands and a baby in another they told me to go the dubai
bank which i did but had no money to change over so the kind man paid for my
flight back to glasgow as i was adviced not to fly to quickly after
collapsing. so i was told to wait from 00.20 till 7.30 am to get a flight to
glasgow i couldnt wait any longer. With no money, no where to sit in and
nowhere to feed my baby away from all the hussel of the lounges. I was in a
mess my blood pressure through the roof, this is not all i then was told to
go to the restaurant and get a complimentary breakfast whil i waited for my
flight i go into the restaurant and was given no help eit the temp buggy i
was given from emirates services ( which was more for a two year old and my
young was falling out of cause she was too small) i had steps to get over
and not one member of staff helped me. They then told me they could offer me
a breakfast at 7 am when my flight was due to board at 6.30.
When i approached an emirates check in desk the woman called me to the
counter where she then continued ignoring me crying and begging for help at
her desk, she just sat there having a laugh with her collegue instead.

After all this the up and down going on the lift, going through securty more
than 10 times the only person with any compassion was the man who had
nothing to do wtih emirates ,was just simply a passenger who could qiute
planly see i was havin immense difficulty.

Im now back home in glasgow left very tired having had no sleep for over 24
hours and very dissappointed in the emirates airline service for their lack
of advice and sheer dcompassion to help a women who had a small baby in a
airport all alone with no money and no phone to make any calls to family.
All i want is to travel to perth.

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