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Date: May 24, 2006 5:19 AM

I have travelled three times with Emirates long-haul U.K. to ASIA
changing in Dubai. On all three occassions my checked baggage was
delayed, lost and most recently looted. All the bags, change planes in
Dubai, and they are simply overloaded with a baggage mountain.

The service on the plane is the rudest in the world, in economy class.
They never 'do their job' because the head purser lets the staff, sit
around laughing and reading and eating instead of serving the
passengers. They only care about business passengers. You will be
served a meal, then forgotten about; if you request a drink, it will
never come. The actual law states that they must offer passengers (on
a tray) water and orange juice every 50 minutes, they rarely do it

The economy class seat pitch is 31-32 inches, however this is
misleading because if the person in front reclines you will have no
space at all....and I am skinny!

Their after-help for lost baggage or stolen or damaged goods is
non-existent. The telephone contact system is useless, and their
frequent flyer programme only helps out business travellers.

Check-in is almost always cold and rude. Even threatening. Hand
baggage over a few kilos is snatched away at boarding gates. The
boarding procedure is useless and the state of the planes is hit and
miss, often not cleaned properly due to flight delays.

How does this Airline remain so popular while it is so bad? The answer
is advertising. Emirates sponsor everything from football to cricket
to world cup to stadiums, everything. You are brainwashed into
thinking that they are great. Change your airline NOW!!

Rana Jawad Asghar MD. MPH.

Coordinator South Asian Public Health Forum
Typhoid Net

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