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On 3/27/06, Ric Del Pizzo <> wrote:

My first flight and experience started at Perth International Airport September 2005. I arrived with two suitcases one weighing 30 KG and the other was empty.

I accept that I has excess weight yet I wanted them to understand this was a situation that could be assessed on its own merits and I had proof to support all I was asking

I explained that I was heading to Europe with my twelve year old son following on Emirates in two weeks time and that he would be travelling with no luggage I explained that I was travelling with 2-3 kg of medical records and all my sons clothes (which I was happy to show him) as I did not want my 12 year old son to travel with a suitcase until we were together and I was there to help him. I explained our destination was London to attend medical appointments for my son. The Emirates representative was totally rigid and unrelenting in his demand for me to pay $180 approx. excess baggage or leave the empty case no matter what I said he was not interested I had to send the case home by cab ; cost = $50

On the flight from Perth to Dubai 12 hour flight I sat in a small cramped seat it was incredibly uncomfortable. Then from Dubai to Rome which was a 7 hour flight they gave us a bigger plane and the seats were reasonable comfortable.

Long flight small plane -short flight big plane- Not very smart and the flights were full.

On the flights we found it difficult to get service and even get water for my son.

I had to take my food tray away myself as they were taking so long.

Unlike Singapore airlines that constantly clean the toilets during the flight the state of the toilets on Emirates was much to be desired.

On our return from Dubai to Perth we were directed into a departure lounge where we were squashed like sheep, few seats and we had to stand around a baggage conveyor X-Ray machine.

Prior to my son leaving my wife had ordered a special child's meal – unable to serve him as it was not organised by Emirates.

I informed my wife who contacted the airline to ensure the food for the flight back was organised and I double checked by calling Emirates when I was in London- everything was confirmed.

You guessed it, we got on the plane all he was given was a kids meal with everything he didn't eat.

Without getting into a big explanation here is the killer blow, I complained to the cabin staff when I was approached by the supervisor. She kneels beside me I explain what has occurred and this is what I get from a supposedly well trained staff whose profession is to serve and understand excellence in customer service

"Sir I'm not sorry you did not get the meal for your son but I'm sorry for the incorrect information you were given by Emirates staff"

"What incorrect information " I replied.

"I have never know our airline to supply the food you have requested'

'I'm surprised" I said "we did not imagine the menu we only ordered what we found was advertised on your web how do you explain that Emirates confirmed the menu both in Australia and England"

I then told her that I did not want to take the conversation further as I could feel my anger building.

I did say that I was very disappointed that she was not sorry that my son had not received the meal he was expecting.

I'm amazed that with all the talk of customer service today more than ever it is difficult to find companies who understand or even have staff trained in this area.

I suppose that is why you can be flying high one day and crashing the next.

I have decided to keep flying Singapore I'm convinced they are one company that really try to understand and practise – Excellence in Customer Service

Finally it over 60 days that I emailed Emirates Customer Affairs and still no answer



Perth western Australia

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