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Date: Aug 11, 2006 9:32 PM

Dear Dr. Jawad

I want to comment some of the stories I viewed by coincidence. Stories like
departure is delayed from UK for 4 hours & the flight landed (for some
reason) in Beirut & flown back to the UK while Emirates does not operate
direct flights from UK to Beirut.
Another comment by Mr. Suresh that Emirates counter staff are persons of
limited capabilities & if they had better abilities they must be in some
industry other than hospitality and in any case, even if they choose to be
in this industry, they must be holding posts high above the counter staff,
to be visible to travelers.
What Mr. Suresh doesn't really know that among Emirates employees there are
doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc…..? But what they choose is to work in the
airline industry.
To add to Mr. Fahad comments to Mr. Suresh that ALT ticket (annual leave
ticket) is a full fare ticket (Y class is the most expensive fare in economy
class) & the staff holding ALT is handled as a passenger & not as COLLEAGUE.
Last week I was traveling from Dubai to Doha by Qatar airways, while waiting
to board the flight; an Emirates flight boarding the next gate to
Departure time was 22:30 & by 22:20 Emirates announced the closure of the
A female passenger approached the gate at the departure time exactly &
insisted to board the flight. When she was told that her baggage is been
removed from the flight & she can't board this flight as she was late; she
started yelling at the staff & used the F words. I was really astonished to
see that the Emirates staff was very polite despite that the passenger is
calling him names & using bad words. He tried to calm her down & explained
to her why she was offloaded.
The passenger told him that he doesn't know how to deal with American
citizen & she is going to report him to the AMERICAN CONSULATE & they will
teach him a lesson.
I can't understand this kind of people & the way of thinking. I've been
through some bad situation with different airlines before, but this does not
give me the right to attack the employees nor their managers. Passenger's
complaints are professionally met in Emirates airline, there are a lot of
incidents I know from my friends who are loyal costumers of Emirates where
Customer Service & Audit Department replied to their complaints with
One last thing, I would like to copy the comment by Dragana:
I am just wondering how comes that 90% of all these comments are
coming from Indian and Pakistani passengers?
It is not about Emirates it is about them.
Dr. Jawad; thank you very much for this website & sorry for this long

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