Friday, December 29, 2006


Emirates Air Lines

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From: Wayne, Bashir <>
Date: Dec 28, 2006 7:14 PM
Subject: Emirates Air Lines

I flew November 9, 2006 from Miami/NYK/Dubai to Lahore Pakistan with
my nephew. What an experience to fly with Emirates thinking one of the
best air lines in the world but WOW! What a memory I will be having
for the rest of my life.

1) We boarded the flight at New York (JFK) Airport. The plan seat we
got A-35 and 36 were not meant for a long flight and were in bad shape
to sit for the next 14 hours. It could be my luck or unfortunate or
may be my high hopes and expectation from Emirates thinking one of the
best air lines in the world. I took the pictures of the seat in case I
have to provide as a proof.

2) A menu was handed over to all passengers as soon as we were in the
Air. I selected Chicken for my dinner but instead of chicken lasagna
was served. I asked the hostess what happened to my chicken. She said
that they ran out the chicken and you have to eat lasagna. Is this
called first class service?

3) I requested my air hostess to bring the complaint book to file a
complaint. The complaint book was never brought to us and ignored our
request after repeating many times. I do not want to have a problem in
the air and let it go thinking to file a complaint once we will be
back in USA. Now I am back in USA and would like to report about the
treatment what we received from Emirates.

4) Once I was in Lahore I tried to switch my seat from economy to
business or even first class to have a better and comfortable flight
on my return but was rudely denied. The ticket agent advised me to get
a new ticket than upgrading the old one. Why Is so?

5) The flight from Dubai to Lahore was two hour late. We were not
allowed to leave the lounge to go to even bath room and no one came to
assist or help.

6) On our return on December 4, 2006 flight was also late for 3 hours.
We have to rush and run physically at Dubai airport to catch our
flight to NYK.

7) Once we arrived at Dubai one of the luggages was presented on the
stretcher by ground hostess. Although the claim was filed but the
personals in the office treated us very unprofessionally. That claim
is still pending and we have no idea what will be next?


Miami Florida


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