Wednesday, December 27, 2006



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From: allison vouyoukas <>
Date: Dec 27, 2006 8:42 PM
Subject: Emirates

Dear Jawad,

You seem to dedicate a lot of energy for this propaganda you have
started..... do you have a similar website for each
airline/organization that pisses you off? The list would be endless!
Do you find it rewarding? Do not think that there is a perfect airline
anywhere in the world.

Instead, why don't you dedicate your priceless time to help poor
people, particularly in your country of origin.
visit to learn how one Emirates Airlines
cabin crew founded a charitable organization in order to educate some
150 children living in the slums of Bangladesh up to tertiary

This Emirates crew member dedicates every day of her life for the
project she founded, on her own, but also with the help of Emirates
airlines colleagues. Moreover, Emirates, the company, supports her
financially,....thanks to the Emirates Foundation project which the
airline has set up to help children around the world.

Similarly, many more Emirates staff have contributed their time to
support orphanages in India, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka.

You too, can make a difference to many people around the world who
need REAL help, and not some sad web site to complain about the past.


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