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Bad Experience with Emirates Airlines during our Relocation from DXB to JFK

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From: Linu Kurian <>
Date: Jan 26, 2007 1:53 AM
Subject: Bad Experience with Emirates Airlines during our Relocation
from DXB to JFK


Linu Kurian,
1400 Park Avenue,
Linden, New Jersey 07036
United States of America
Mobile: 001-845-238-0164


The Manager,
Emirates Customer Affairs,
Emirates Airlines
Dubai - UAE

Subject: Bad Experience with Emirates Airlines during our Relocation from
Dubai to New York - 3 Passengers.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Greetings to you. This letter is to bring to your kind attention our concern
on the poor service on emirates flight EK 201, DXB - JFK dated 14 Jan 2007.

Myself and my entire family have been frequent users of Emirates Airlines
for many years and we had a very bad experience during our recent flight to
JFK. I purchased my ticket from DNATA at a higher rate as it was stated as
"ECONOMY HIGHER CLASS". When we purchased the ticket we were told that we
would get preference in the economy class as we are paying AED 600 more than
the other ordinary economy class travellers per ticket. Also it was clearly
requested at the time of purchasing the ticket that I was travelling with my
wife who was 32 weeks pregnant then and my 2 year old son. And we were told
that there was no prior check-in especially for this flight. We had arrived
at the check-in counter @ 4.45 AM on 14 Jan 2007 so that we could get the
bulk head seat for my wife. We had 6.5 Kg excess total on all the 6 baggages
put together and the Emirates staff at the JFK ticket check-in counter was
acting too rudely and gave too much of a pain to me to off-load 1 Kg from
all the 6 baggages. She expected me to pay 25$ for each kilo and was not
happy at all when we decided to send those extra weight back home with my
father in law. She never had any manners to communicate the subject
properly,which was shown in the way she ignored us whenever we asked her

Atleast she should have shown some consideration towards my wife who was in
her last trimester of pregnancy.Also as soon as we requested for a priority
seat, she refused to give it at the first chance itself without even
checking in the system. After this instance, we were very clear that she
didnot want to treat us properly as this was confirmed as soon as we boarded
the flight and found that none of the exit seat passengers had any children
or were pregnant except one family with a single kid seated at the 15 C/D
seats.Atleast we were happy with one of the inflight steward who was kind
enough and tried his level best to get my wife a good seat in the front,
after seeing her condition,though the passengers refused.

We were totally unhappy with the long journey with such a prestigious
airline which resulted in my wife's extreme tiredness due to the crammed
seats that took days for her to recover from. We request your immediate
attention to enquire the same and give us a justification on the real
meaning of the "Higher Class in Economy" especially since we got a seat
towards the back of the flight inspite of an early check-in. Or is it just a
way to mislead the passengers and help the airlines make more money.

Thanking you,

Kind Regards,

Linu Kurian
New Jersey - USA

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