Thursday, January 11, 2007


Harassment and misbehaviour of Emirates Ground Staff

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From: Latha Sunny <>
Date: Jan 11, 2007 5:30 PM
Subject: Harassment and misbehaviour of Emirates Ground Staff

My name is Latha Sunny and I am a resident of UAE for the last 22 years, during this period I have traveled Emirates Airlines on numerous occasions, but never experienced as written below:

On 10th January I was traveling from Cochin to Dubai – Flight no. EK 0531 which was scheduled to depart at 10.30 am but was delayed for 3 hours. Now the issue is something very strange and I have never experienced such bizarre and ruthless behaviour from any airline staff in my whole life.

As I was waiting in the queue to check in, I approached one of the Ground Staff of Emirates airlines whose name was XXX(name removed) and very honestly told him that I have some excess baggage and I have a friend who was in queue with me and was willing to take my baggage as he did not even have 15 kgs of luggage, he gave me a sarcastic look and said you get to the counter we will decide it there, but to my surprise when I approached the counter he had already informed the staff not to let me go without paying excess baggage and also should not allow my friend to carry my bag.

What surprised me the most is when I witnessed so many passengers getting thru with more than 40 kgs checked in baggage plus hand baggage, only I was imposed an excess baggage of 5 kgs when I had only 40.5 kgs and he wrote on my boarding pass NIL HBG.

Apart from paying the excess baggage, XXX was very rude and unprofessional in his approach to me and it was very embarrassing when he said "either you go back home or throw your stuff outside and come with the right weight", I was almost in tears as I felt very insulted in front of the other passengers, he almost threw my baggage from the weighing scale when my friend kept one of my bags to check in his name. He could have told me in a better way if this was not allowed.

All I need to say is Emirates Airlines being awarded the best airline of the year in the past should train their staff to be gentle and polite and should know to behave with women especially when they are traveling alone.

One rotten apple can spoil the whole basket.

However, this journey of mine will be a very memorable one as I am still not able to get over the insult and embarrassment I got from your staff.

This also leaves me thinking whether one should be really honest at all times?


Latha Sunny

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