Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Lost Luggage on Emirates

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From: Zeynep Breakey <>
Date: Apr 18, 2007 12:25 PM
Subject: Lost Luggage on Emirates

Dear Emirates Customers affairs,

I was unable to find any link to customer feedback on the official website, and have to resort to this means of
communication, having found these possible contact e-mails at

We have traveled from Istanbul to Johannesburg via Dubai on April 16
2007 as follows.

16 Apr 07 Istanbul-Dubai Flight EK 121

17 Apr 07 Dubai-Johannesburg Flight EK 761

The flight leaving Istanbul for Dubai was delayed for over 3 hours.
Although we have managed to make the connecting flight to
Johannesburg, it seems our luggage did not [Tracking Numbers EK
191979-EK 191980]. We have logged a lost luggage report with Emirates
baggage enquiries at Johannesburg International [Ref No. JNBEK20142].
We then went to Emirates offices at the airport, spoke to a lady by
the name of Gerty and reported the whole incident again [Ref No.
3901215/16]. We then flew to Cape Town where we live. Since then my
husband has been desperately trying to track our luggage with no
success. No-one seems to know where our luggage is or when it is
arriving. Emirates offices in Johannesburg just rings and rings or is
constantly engaged. Reading all the complaints about lost luggage
through Emirates, I am getting increasingly upset and worried.

Where is our luggage?
When is it going to arrive in Cape Town and be delivered to us?
How much compensation are we allowed per day? Or are we supposed to go
without underwear, toiletries, etc?
Please provide me with the name and contact details of a senior
manager in South Africa. No Call centre numbers or machines pls.

Kindly respond to this e-mail as soon as possible.

Luggage may go missing, this is understandable. It is how Emirates
'HANDLES' the lost luggage situation that matters. So far you have not
handled it well. It was our first time flying Emirates. I hope it will
not be our last.

Zeynep Breakey

Project ERP Consulting Services

+27 21 438 7036 [Tel]

+27 82 781 8356 [Mobile] [E-mail]

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