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From: Mohammed Shafi <mmshafi@alkhorayef.com>
Date: May 15, 2007 11:20 AM
To: jawad@alumni.washington.edu


I have had a bad experience recently with Emirates during my trip from
Dubai to Riyadh on Flight EK817 Dated 28-04-2007-the 'usual' by the
sounds of it! Boarding Passes have been served, by which we (myself
Khalaf Al Khalaf,General Manager, Saudi Parts Center and Mr.Chikib
Abouziad, Chief Executive Officer, Takaful Re & Mr. Usamah Al Naser,
Serior Marketing Manager, El-Ajou group) thought flight timings &
seats were confirmed turned out not be so, long delays (we eventually
secured a flight after hour waiting at the airport), no-one from
Emirates staff was willing to help.

That would be fine If, at least, at the very least, we would be able
to see an EK staff walking around to talk and update us. Apparently,
they too had no idea what's going on and didn't want to face
passengers and answer us.

Their attitude was completely unprofessional and unsympathetic.

Finally after an hour delay we entered into the flight with First
class tickets and after entering, the Cabin Crew of First Class
switched us to Business class with a reason of lack of enough seats in
First class.

On this occasion I feel that we have been very poorly treated by what
is regarded by some as the best long haul airline and totally let down
and shoddily dealt with as a "fare paying passenger", as at times I
did wonder i had paid at all.

The main crux of the complaint is the way of treatment what we
received from awarded best operators in Air transport field and I
submit this letter of complaint for your attention and expect in
return to have the question answered.

Why they did not down grade our ticket, so we can get reimbursed.


Khalaf M. Al Khalaf

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