Saturday, June 30, 2007


about emirates SOS

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From: 徐霓 <>
Date: Jun 30, 2007 3:00 PM
Subject: about emirates SOS

My name is Xu Ni. this is my e-mail address. I found your address on
the this website

I know it was long time ago but i still hope you can help me a bit.

I took emirates on 13-06-2007, from Malta to Dubai, and on 14 of June
arrived Shanghai. But the check-in luggage was arrived on 16 of June.
A limited 75 years commemorative Zippo lighter and a sunglass that
cost me at least $200 stuffs I left in the luggage were all gone. up
to now the lighter is valued even more. I am not claiming the money,
but all I am asking is catch the culprit who did this awful thing to

the emirates officials said: i can not put any valualbe things in the
check in luggage. but how could I took a lighter on the plane? what i
can get is $ 70 amends.

their attitudes are abominable. I have been waitting ,waiting
,waiting, and continuing calling.

It has been 15 days and I am still waiting.

could you tell me how you solve your problem? and where I can complain
and they would accept my complain ?

Kindly advise.

Xu Ni

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