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Nobody listens customer's complaints in Emirates Airlines!

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Date: Jun 15, 2007 2:20 AM
Subject: Nobody listens customer's complaints in Emirates Airlines!

Nobody listens customer's complaints in Emirates Airlines!

My wife Cristina (retired commercial manager and teacher) and I
(marketing consultant and professor in different universities) live in
our country, Colombia.

Cristina has acompanied our daughter Amalia and her husband Luis from
March to May in United Arab Emirates (where he works in American
Unviersity), expecting for the birth of our first grandson, Gustavo,
in Dubai.

At the time of Cristina's trip back to Colombia via New York (May 24),
the Emirates Airline's attendant in Dubai said she could not allow my
wife to embark, allegedly because her picture in the USA visa did not
correspond to her face.

This is very strange, since my wife hade entered the USA four times
since her last visa's issue, every time to visit our daughter (prior
student and professor in USA universities).

The attendant did not call an informed authority, nor a manager, but
took the unfair decission for herself.

Fortunately, a citizen of United Arab Emirates, possibly an airline
manager or a public functionary, when heard my wife was from Colombia,
exclaimed: "Ah, Colombia, Shakira, Colombia!", and was very helpful to
my wife, ordering inmediate and possitive attention to her.

The attendant has obbeied, and, thanks to him, my wife could come
back, not without a big and unfair stress.

I was searching in the web page of the airline to send a message, but,
incredibly, they only are interested on selling, showing themselves as
excellent…¡but they do not allow their customers to complaint, nor
make suggestions!


Christian Betancur

Christian Betancur & Asociados, Consultores de Marketing

Celular: 57-300-7800715

Tel. 57-4-3324272

Medellín, Colombia

Rana Jawad Asghar MD. MPH.

Coordinator South Asian Public Health Forum
Typhoid Net

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