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A simple solution to EK complaints

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From: kinga <>
Date: Aug 24, 2007 6:47 PM
Subject: A simple solution to EK complaints

I love your site. I regularly visit it when I have had enough, need a
laugh and get things into perspective.

We do not care if our customers are white, black, orange or red. The
only time I ask about your passport is when I try and ascertain if you
require a landing card.

What we do care about is that our customers show us respect and
politeness. How you are treated onboard will solely depend on how you
treat the crew. This holds true in any situation whether in a shop,
restaurant, on the street or in the air.

Who would you assist first?

Customer 1: "I am thirsty...I want water now".

Customer 2: "I realize you are very busy at the moment, but when you
get a chance could I ask you for some water please. Thank you"

FACT: your behavior and attitude determines the service you receive.

Whilst I am not one to normally generalize, but the flight numbers of
most of your complaint emails correspond directly to flights that crew
call sick for. It is not the nationality but behavior and abuse we
receive on these flights that make them so unpopular with crew.

On the above mentioned flights we take a box of complaint forms on
board and have them by the door. Reason: on greeting customers
onboard, the response we get to "how are your today?" customer
"..give me a complaint form..." can I help. What
happened.." Customer "...I want it just in case.."

Before you complain and write in emails.... remember the following facts:


- only 20% of seats on any aircraft are window seats.

- There are only from 4- 6 bassinet locations on each
aircraft. And an average of 15 infants onboard. It is possible to
buy a discounted SEAT for a child.

- If you check in early you will have a greater chance of
receiving your preference.


- Crew CANNOT upgrade customers onboard. Complaining and
abusing the crew upon entering the aircraft to take off will NOT get
you an upgrade. It is a common misconception that we will do
everything for you, if you act as a dissatisfied customer. Actually
the reverse is true...if a customer has an attitude and creates a bad
impression the crew will avoid the passenger as to reduce the amount
of abuse they receive.

- After passing through security, you may purchase bottles of
water, food etc at the many stores at all international airports, you
can even bring it onto the aircraft.

- PRIORITISE. If you want to leave and arrive at the
"promised time" do not: complain about your seating - demand that crew
ask all other customers to give up their window seat for you. Do not
take bags that are the size of a suitcase and weigh 15kgs as hand
baggage as we have to open up the cargo and put them under the
aircraft. Do not ask crew for a beer, virgin mary with extra pepper or
black label on the rocks, but without ice, while we are securing and
preparing the cabin for takeoff. We cannot takeoff until all
customers and crew are seated, with their seats upright and seatbelts

- Your safety is our number 1 role. The seatbelt sign is
there for a reason.

- Ask, do not demand

- An airplane is a means of transport not a restaurant. We do
have a limited selection of food and beverages onboard. There is no
chef, no you cannot have the chicken with rice instead of potatoes.
If you child is a fussy eater, bring your own food.

- The word please DOES get results. A thank you will give you
a high probability of getting another drink when you have finished the

- There are 385 other customers onboard. We aim to please as
many of them as possible. You are not the only person on the
aircraft, and the crew are not there for your personal disposal. We
will not get you another diet coke, if there are still customers who
have not eaten or had a first drink. We have 2 hours to feed the
entire aircraft, give them a drink, tea & coffee, and then collect all
the trays – do the math.

- Just because you are a fast eater, we will not individually
collect your tray – it came out of the cart, and must return into the
cart. Try and ensure the tray looks similar to how you received it –
do not build pyramids!

- If you want an additional drink, there are galleys at
various points on the aircraft, if you come and ask, you will get.

Change the behavior and you will get the best service in the sky – guaranteed.

On reading all the complaints you received, I strongly suspect most of
the problems would have been resolved quickly and efficiently if
common courtesy, politeness, manners, respect and good behavior
towards ground staff, flight attendants and baggage agents was
observed. It is hard to assist someone if you are abused, treated as
an enemy and screamed at. It is easy to assist and go out of your
way for someone who understands you do not have all the answers
straight away.

Enclosed is an article of what our customers do onboard. Next time
you are onboard, take a look around and observe the many other
passengers onboard and more importantly their behavior. You are not
alone. I am afraid that your readers and fellow complainers would
consider this article proof of bad service. Interesting our differing
perceptions; but I realize I am not the most important person in the
world and I realize I am not alone.

Dubai - A passenger, on an Emirates flight to Kolkata from Dubai, was
arrested and questioned for a day after attacking cabin crew when they
wouldn't serve him food. The 50-year-old Dubai-based man was detained
on his arrival at Kolkata airport on Tuesday and released later that
evening after he reportedly tried to hit a crew member refusing to
give him his meal.

The man told police he had boarded the direct flight at 2am and had
not eaten since leaving home at 9pm the previous evening. Half-an-hour
after take-off he asked for his meal to be served but was told that it
wasn't time for the food to be served yet. An airport official said:
"The man told the crew since he had paid quite a sum for the ticket,
he had the right to be served food on demand."
The situation is said to have escalated and the man allegedly tried to
hit a crew member who asked him to behave himself. Staff then
informed the pilot, who briefed Dubai airport about the problem.
"Dubai promptly passed on the message to the air traffic control of
Kolkata airport," said an Emirates official.
He was taken straight to the police station, where a crew member
lodged a complaint against him.
"On arrival at Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport, the
passenger was escorted off the aircraft by Airport Security and Air
India security personnel. For Emirates, the safety of its crew and
passengers is of paramount importance," the spokesperson added. 23

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