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"Subject: Emirate airlines and the arrogance

I' Don't consider myself a frequent flier by any means; I take perhaps
four or five flights a year, some for work and some for pleasure. This
time, due to pricing and routing available from Jeddah, I winded up on
Emirates Airlines for my flight to Bangkok. To avoid any last minute
problems, I made my booking ahead of time i.e. two weeks before my
departure day, Aug 3rd, from Jeddah to Bangkok via Dubai. Due to
health reason, aftermath of broken leg, my confirmed booking was for a
front seat throughout the flight.

On Aug 3, my flight date, the reception and customer handling service
at Emirates counters at Jeddah Airport was fare. I saw friendly and
smiling faces. The check-in went through smooth; I received my two
boarding passes, one for Jeddah - Dubai flight and the other for Dubai
Airport to Bangkok flight.

I arrived at Dubai Airport on schedule, in fact it was nice and smooth
trip except for the food which did not suit anybody , otherwise no complain.

I waited, in the transit lounge of Dubai Airport for over six hours
waiting for my connection flight to Bangkok. Flight number EK 386 3rd
Aug. When the announcement for flight number EK 386 Dubai - Bangkok
was made, I approached the check-in counter and presented my boarding
pass, to my surprise my boarding pass was confiscated from me and I
was told that my reservation for Dubai - Bangkok flight was cancelled.
I was really shocked and could not believe what I heard. I carry a
valid boarding pass issued at Jeddah Airport by the Emirate Airlines
for a connection flight on the same day by the same Airlines and I'm
told the reservation was cancelled. This was beyond my comprehension.
The behavior of the staff at the counter made my ordeal even worst. I
believe this situation may be the first of its kind and could be a
candidate for the guineas book. I was humiliated, shouted at but
because of my persistence, I managed to get the seat on the flight.
Of course the front seat was given to another passenger and I was to
accept whatever is given to me i.e. one of the back seats.

Due to this and due to my broken leg, I have to endure all the pain
for the 5 or 6 hours flight to Bangkok. I tried to cool myself down
and said to myself, this maybe one of the bad days it comes in a life
time but strangely it did not end there. My return flight booking for
Bangkok - Dubai was cancelled and was forced to reschedule my flight
from the Aug 12th to Aug 15th. This among other things did cost me
extra amount of USD 300 for hotel and $200 expenses, an amount unaccounted for
in my budget for this trip.

I, therefore, by this message lodge my complain for the suffering and
ordeal I have gone through.

Sincerely yours

Jaiffar Al-maktary

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