Monday, November 12, 2007


emirates airlines

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From: glen <>
Date: Aug 8, 2007 7:46 PM

well well well,
another boring web site, good to see,
and let me guess the maker is from india or pakistan,
i find it quiet funny that even the crew that are hired from these 2
countries that work for the airline industry cant stand doing the
flights to there own countries because it is never enough
the more the airline gives to the passagers the more they want and say
that it still never enough, bad emirates, right i guess that is why
they are the best airline in the middle east how many years in a row
now, with qatar and air india has never won it, it really is easy you
dont like the service fly someone else but see how long it takes
before you come back, and if you dont get your meal chioce then order
it, the airline is not a mind reader, and i love the way it is always
the cabin crews fault when it's not, they dont do the seating, they
dont load the food, they dont put your bags in the plane, the ground
staff of the airports you go to deal with that, so if something does
go wrong, maybe you should think about complaining to the ground staff
not the crew, i also find it funny that the more you do complain and
cause problems on the plane, the more the crew do things to your
drinks, food, seats, have you every complained and then more things
start to happen like your tv stops working or you feel ill thats the
crew saying to you they have had enough of your bitching, i end by
saying if your expecting the best fly in a high class then economy or
if you think you are that you are that good fly in a private jet but i
guess you are not donald trump so deal with it or fly someone else
kind regards
all cabin crew that are sick of the complaining passangers


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