Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My nightmare with Emirates!

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From: Motlatsi Shale <m.shale@lec.co.ls>
Date: Nov 27, 2007 3:51 PM
Subject: My nightmare with Emirates!
To: jawad@alumni.washington.edu


I will never in my life fly Emirates. My very first experience with it was a living hell. I live in Lesotho, Southern Africa , and I boarded this plane EK 766 in October heading for London where many of my English friends anxiously waited for me to land. I boarded a plane from Johannesburg, and there I was in Dubai. I approached gate number 50 in order to connect to London , and this was my first trip to London.


This XXXXX guy looks at me with suspicion, takes my passport and tells me to step aside and he would call me. I waited, and time was running out. I went to him and asked as to what was wrong because it was late, he told me that the plane would not leave me. I felt so humiliated and belittled. He eventually told me that I was going to work illegally in UK so he would not allow me to pass. I tried convincing him that I have a very good paying job and have no reason to seek work in UK. I tried convincing him that I was just visiting for two week and coming back, but he would not listen. I showed him my return ticket, ohh, he would not listen.


He eventually told me that I did not have a visa to enter UK . Now this was terrible! I told them that UK immigration laws do not require me to have a visa, but they said I talked too much and from then, they avoided me. I stayed there like a Hobo sleeping on a bench, I don't even want to think about that experience. Actually they were just looking for any reason to deport me. They told me that they would deport me and would refund my ticket. I insisted that they should let me pass, and if there is a problem the immigration officials in UK would turn me back, but I only spoke to myself.


Let me tell you that I was deported back to Johannesburg , and surprisingly they are now telling me that I will not get my money back at all. What can I do to get my money back? If the UK immigration rules required me to have a visa, and I did not have it, I would understand if they did not refund me. But they deported me on the basis of their misconceived and apparently very wrong opinions. Please what can I do?



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