Thursday, November 22, 2007


A very Bad Day in and out of the Aircraft

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From: Zahid Khan (Khan Trucking) <>
Date: Nov 21, 2007 11:14 PM
Subject: A very Bad Day in and out of the Aircraft

Dear Sir,
My Father is 69 years of age,I lives in Namibia" Windhoek",I brought my father with me from Karachi Pakistan,for a visit,He left Namibia on 16/11/2007 with emirates from JNB to DXB, ETA DXB was 05h00
he only arrives next day 17h00 local time,and then next day I-e 18/11/2007 he arrived in KHI.
When I got hold of him at the air port in DXB,He told me that Crew of flight EK  refused to fly any longer to Dubai,they park the plane no where before the airport, according to the crew on board "there time was over and the other crew will come and take over the plane then only all the passenger can see the terminal.
On arrival at the airport building,according to my father,It was a chaos,We arrange for him a wheel chair etc etc,The poor old man had to stood for more than 8 hours on his feet with out any assistance,being a senior citizen,In my opinion if some one have to stay more than 12 hours in the terminal building he has got the right for free accommodation, His received his luggage only today,
We are flying frequently with emirates science 1989 when the terminal building was not more than micky mouse.But now we will reconsider, and advice our friends and family not to fly emirates,Although it will not effect the sales and service of the said airline,The worst thing is attitude of the XXX peoples,not very professional.AND ALL THE MARKS IN THE LIFE AND THE BUSINESS BASED ON  ATTITUDE!!!.       
Zahid Khan
Khan Trucking

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