Thursday, December 20, 2007


Bad experience

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Date: Dec 21, 2007 2:06 AM
Subject: Bad experience

Last year January 207 I traveled with Emirates air from Portland PDX to Addis Ababa Ethiopia my final detonation was Dire Dada. when I got to Addis my baggage are not there because of emirates air mistakes I have to stay over for a night in Addis at my own expenses I was so frustrated for I did not get on time to my intended destination, time is very important I could not finish my job on time I was behind in all my projects. I said one time ok and for give them.


Again December 207 I decided to travel with Emirates through the same route, this time I have two kids with me who wanted to see the family and we have to be there on time and come back on time for the children's' school. All together we had 6 baggages, when got to Addis which again this is not our final destination and our baggage's are not there. This time they pay for our hotel for one night and told us that the baggage will be here next day, the next day we went to emirates baggage claims office it was not and we have tickets to go to the next city which was Dire Dada. This time it was disaster all clothes we took with us are in the baggage we did not even have extra close to change, my children are so frustrated. Since we are US citizen they charge us in dollar or foreign currency we have already spent over six hundred dollars in two days, and we are still in Motel in Addis and we don't know when our baggage will be here also we have tickets for next city which we planned to travel directly the same day did not happen.  My husband has been calling to check out what went wrong and we don't know how much the telephone bill will be. Therefore, I have share my night mare experience with travelers when got back from ruined trip. I am still in a Motel praying to God to take me out of this chaos. Bad Bad Bad !



Khadija  Yousuf  

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