Thursday, December 20, 2007


Emirates will never see my money ever again!

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Date: Dec 20, 2007 7:42 PM
Subject: Emirates will never see my money ever again!

Last Year  I made the mistake of booking a holiday to UK from Perth Western Australia, I was offered the option of flying Quatar Air but as I hadnt heard much of Quatar I opted to book with Emirates for a total cost of around $800.00 over the cost of three tickets (total cost of the return flights was around $7, 500.00) my wife, Daughter and I were travelling and opted for a two day stopover in Dubai on the way to England but came back Via Dubai and had a stopover there for aircraft change which involved a few hours wait.
We had crappy seats on every leg of the flight, always up the rear end of the plane and never once got a choice of meal as there were no choices left by the time the trolleys got to us.
Our seats for the two return legs of the trip were allocated at Gatwick airport, when I saw how bad the seats we had been allocated were I politely asked if there was anything that could be done to get us better seats as I am 6 ft Tall and 17 stone.
The person who allocated the tickets told me that he couldnt change them but to speak to the staff a Dubai and he "was sure that they would be able to help", well I spoke to one emirates staff member in Dubai who reffered me to another person who in turn did the same thing.
All three of them just lied to me and kept us in hope of getting better seats right up to the final boarding call for the last leg.
This leg was 11 hours, we were in the very back row of the aircraft in front of the toilets which absolutely stunk from the time we got on the aircraft, these seats have very limited back rest adjustment, as well as this the in flight entertainment had no audio for the whole flight.
In the position I hold in the company I work for I am a State Manager looking after 28 retail auto workshops, I look after all customer complaints and issues for all of these stores, and I can tell you from direct experience that Emirates have no clue how to address customer complaints.
After several emails to and from Emirates they finally offered me three vouchers (one for each ticket) to the value of US$30.00 to be used within 12 months at the duty free shop in Dubai airport, "WHAT THE!", I live in Australia for Christs sake!
I sent the vouchers back and suggested that if Emirates were serious about ever getting us to travel with them again that an offer of an upgrade on our next flight would be closer to the mark, "one good flight in exchange for a really bad one".
I got no further response to this complaint so now I just tell everyone I know who is travelling by air, of our experiences with emirates.
As well as the above complaint there seems to be a common thread with lots of Emirates travellers whose letters I have read, that if you ask for anything, drinks ect, they will smile, say yes then not come back!
If my experiences are anything to go by Emirates are either way out of touch with their customers or just simply dont care!
kind regards and happy travelling,
Tony Sandler

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