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Our experience flying with Emirates

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Date: Dec 3, 2007 11:43 AM
Subject: Our experience flying with Emirates

I reproduce herewith the mail written to Emirates.




Initially I was thinking of visiting Dubai on my way back to home, but I no more have the eagerness to visit Dubai.


We had a terrible experience travelling by Emirates.  I completely understand that flights can be cancelled for various reasons, but the situation needs not be handled in a hostile way.  The ground staff is grossly incompetent to handle the situation, both at Mumbai and at Dubai.


1. Flight No.EK 0503 L  17NOV 1900 from Mumbai got cancelled due to fog.  After a very long delay and unlimited confusion, we were was put up in a Hotel in Mumbai. 


2. Next day morning we were in the Airport by 7 AM and stood in a queue till 10:45 AM and the flight left for Dubai at 11:15 AM.  This too was possible only after Air India staff were pressed into service.


3. We had a connecting flight EK 0701 L  on 18NOV 0235, this we missed, so our connection turned out to be for 19th Morning 0235.  There was a huge crowd but only a few counters to handle all cancelled flights and their food and accomodation.  We stood in the queue for 3 hrs and only 2 people in our queue were cleared.  We asked many officials in the airport for help but each was very curt.  We just gave up and sat in the airport for the next 14 hrs!  It was just horrible.


4.  We had requested for "Asian Vegetarian meals" for the previous day's flight, but as we had missed the flight, this flight had no food for us except a few fruits.


5.  The last straw was when we reached Mauritius to find that our baggage was missing!  We received the baggage only after 3 days. You can imagine the pain we underwent, we were in a business trip, without our luggage which had our books, presentation materials etc.


To sum it all up, it was a horrible experience for us flying Emirates.  We are forced to take the same airlines back home because we want a direct flight to Bangalore.  We are just hoping that atleast this journey is hassel free.


Our plans of applying for a visa and visiting Dubai are ruled out with the attitude of the officials we had to put up with.  I am sure you will take it seriously and correct the lapses, so that people do not suffer the way we did. Also please instruct your staff to be little polite and should extend help instead of having a rude attitude.  Please remember, we too pay for our tickets and are not travelling on complimentary passes.


Best regards,



Thanks and regards,


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