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bad experience to India with Emirates

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From: Hema Patel <>
Date: Jan 15, 2008 9:15 PM
Subject: bad experience to India with Emirates

To whom it may concern,
This past Nov 16 2007 my family and I chose to fly with Emirates to India flight EK 242 seats 30 d,e,f,g.  We had heard very good things about this airline and so we decided to give it a try.  My complaint is not regarding the flight itself.  The on flight staff was very pleasant both to and from India.  On our way to India we left from Toronto and arrived to Dubai without any difficulty, until we got off our flight to transfter in Dubai to our connecting flight to Ahmedabad.  We then found out that our flight had been cancelled due to fog in Dubai.  Please understand my complaint is not regarding the cancelled flight, I understand these circumstances arise my complaint is the hell we experienced thereafter.  It was a nightmare to say the least no one at the airport in Dubai would inform us of anything everyone just shrugged their shoulders at us as if this was an everyday experience for them.  We later spoke to others in the same situation as us and decided that we would all wait in a line where apparently we were to reschedule our flights out of Dubai. My husband and I stood in a line not longer that 7 metres for 6 hours with our 2 children who were tired, hungry and crying.  After 6 hours we were told that our flight out of Dubai would be leaving after another 30 hours.  My response was to please try for a sooner flight because of my children,  the attendant just starred at me as if she was looking right through me she said no, this is all she could do.  I asked about hotel accomadations since there was no way I could spend 30 hours in the airport with my 2 children, she responded with I can't do anything, and looked at the person behind me as if to say move out of the way now.
After spending over 6 hours in a line watching so many people, elderly people, people with young children, one woman was pregnant and also expected to wait in line,treated with such ill manner I became irate, there was absolutely no organization at all.  I lost whatever patience I had and began yelling at the top of my lungs for someone to please help me get hotel accomadations so my children could rest.shower and eat before our transfer out.  After 2 hours we finally got a hotel by which point I vowed I would never ever fly with Emirates ever again and I would never allow anyone else I knew to do so either.
The next day Nov 19 we arrived at the airport and began the rest of our journey flight EK 506 from Dubai to Mumbai seats 18 a,b,d,e.  Instead of a direct flight to Ahmedbad we now had to go to Mumbai and then to Ahemadabad.  When we arrived in Bombay our luggage was not there surprise surprise.  We then filled out a claim form and were assured that we would receive our luggage at our residence in India within 24 hours,  and we only had a short while before our connecting flight to Ahmedabad(flight 9w 232 Jet Airways seats 16 a,b,c,d) was to leave so there was not much we could do and by this point we just wanted to get our children home at our destination in India.  The next day after I arrived in India  I contacted your office in Mumbai to find out the status of my luggage their response I am sorry we don't know where your luggage is.  After tons of emails back and forth over a four day period and upsetting phone calls  I enquired at the Ahmedabad airport they informed me that my baggage had just arrived and that I had to pick it up myself the next morning.  I then called your Mumbai location again to see what they would say regarding the status of my luggage, their response still was we don't know where you luggage is, even after I already knew my luggage had arrived in Ahmedabad. What the hell are your staff doing?
You may ask was I compensated for the 4 days without my luggage?  Barely, I was given 23,000 rupees in compensation 2 days before my return flight back to Canada,  I was in India for 5 weeks, just to give you an idea of how long it took to be partly compensated.  The purpose of my trip to India to attend my brother,s wedding I had packed everything I would need for the wedding all of my family's clothes, shoes , accesories etc from Canada so that I would not have to make any extra expenses in India.  Therefore, I had not only to buy everthing for the 4 days we didn't have our luggage but also every single thing I would need for the wedding on Nov 23  I spent close to 50,000 rupees as an added expense due to my luggage delay I had valid receipts for everything that I bought which I submitted in Ahmedabad airport and gave it to Hiral your representative there when I picked up my luggage and all I got was 23,000 rupees, again 2 days before I left India and even that my husband went back to Ahmedabad to pick up.  I want the rest of my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as well as some compensation for the worst experience my children endured because of the lack of humanity I saw in your staff in Dubai and India.  Out of my 5 weeks in India I probably spent more than half of my time, first trying to track my luggage and then the rest of it trying to get compensated. This experience has completely tainted my flying experience with Emirates and especially my kids.  I will continue to persue this until my family and I are compensated. 
My hand luggage was also damaged on my return flight EK 539 from Dubai to Toronto by an inflight attendant she had us fill out a claim form for that under my husband's name Amarish Patel seat18 d I have not been compensated for that either.
I hope that something positive will come from this extremely negative experience. If any further details are required contact me and please send me something so that I know my email has been acknowledged and something will be done about it
Hema Patel

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