Thursday, January 10, 2008



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From: Europanel - MDT <>
Date: Jan 10, 2008 1:27 PM
Subject: emirates

Good Day,


I am writing to you from South Africa in the hope that you can help me.


I have lodged a customer complaint at Emirates Airlines about lost luggage on a trip to Shanghai late November 2007.


(I can send you the details if you would like).


Bottom line: we planned 3.5 days business in Shanghai and had no luggage for 3 days. Therefore we lost an enormous amount of time and money.


For over 40 days Emirates has simply not answered at all and the matter is still "under investigation"…


How can I get the airline to at least reply with a decent solution on the problems that they have caused?


I have to escalate the problem in order to get them to respond. In this respect I've e-mailed IATA and the Arab Airline Organization already.


Maybe you have obtained individual e-mail addresses of the Emirates management structure?


I simply cannot understand that an Airline with such a marketing budget and campaigns is nor reacting to a simple and for us costly problem. I cannot leave it at this and will take this matter further.


What is your proposal?


Respectfully Yours,

Enjoy your day,


Jan Lievens

Civil Engineer (B)


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