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Date: Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 12:06 AM
Subject: Emirates experience

My brother was travelling back to Pakistan via Dubai from Manchester Airport, my husband and I were with him seeing him off.  Apparently the computers were down and they were checking in manually.  When we got to the terminal, I nearly fainted as the queue for check in was over a mile long.  Desparingly, we joined the ended of the queue, after 3.5 hours of queuing we finally got to the check in and the fellow Pakistani check in assistant for Emirates was as rude as anything.  When I told him we had queued for 3.5 hours he was scarcastic and unsympathetic and just said it was one of those things.  I had my toddler with me, it was a hot, sweltering day and half way through the queuing I had to ask the Emirates woman to give us at least some water.  The staff at the Emirates looking after the queue/passengers were as rude as anything. We have paid for them and but they really aren't interested.  This delay resulted in my brother in law losing his connecting flight, my husband and I had to pay an extortionate car park fee, my toddler was agitated and I was late in picking my other children from school and had to deal with an irate teacher on a Friday evening.  This knock on effect was caused by Emirates not getting their act together and caused us endless misery.  Surely they could have opened up extra counters, got the business class to do the economy once business class had been dealt with.  In the mile long queue there were alot of elderly people, some in wheel chairs who were so uncomfortable and agitated but nothing was done to make them comfortable.  No-one other airline (Monarch, Turkish were booking also) was experiencing their computer being down as the rest of the terminal was 'business as usual'.  I myself worked at Manchester Airport for Servisair at check-in and have never come across a computer being down.  Perhaps they didn't have a plane arrive on time.  Whatever, all the hype about Emirates being the 'best' airline is overinflated and just rubbish.  Bring on Virgin, will you fly to Pakistan.  Also, try and avoid flying to Dubai as the tap water is contaminated and a major health hazard (search on internet on this).
Mrs N Khan

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