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72 Hours on Emirates Airlines

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From: Annie Saputri <>
Date: 2009/10/7
Subject: 72 Hours on Emirates Airlines

Dear Jawad,

Thank you for putting this blogs for us Emirates passengers. I would like to share my delay experience to all of you.
This is a complaint mail/email copy to Emirates Customer Affairs,
Emirates Customer Affairs          
Emirate Group Headquarters       
Dubai PO Box 686 UAE   

CC: HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum – CE Emirates Group
CC: Tim Clark – President Emirate Airlines

London – Jakarta – 3 Days! Correct not a typing mistake 72 hours on a usual total trip time of 16/17 hours.
I have detailed below the following on my recent return journey from London Heathrow to Jakarta, via Dubai using Emirate Airlines, as you will see this is totally unacceptable that a "leading " Airline takes 3 days to complete this journey.

I have also cc & mailed the two gentlemen above, no doubt they will never see these types of letters/complaints, as only interested in the marketing/PR aspect, never the reality.

27th Sep
Original departure times:
EK006 – LHR to DBX @ 22.15 arr @ 08.05 - 34K
EK358 – DBX to Jakarta @ 10.55 arr @ 22.35 - 30K

EK006 was delayed initially by 2 h! ours due to a technical fault, however I boarded the flight @ 1.00am, sat on the plane for 1 hour, then told that it couldn't fly & that overnight accommodation would be provided, whilst I appreciate that safety is paramount. The decision to cancel could have been made earlier as it was almost 04.00am before I got to my Hotel room. With no real assistance from any Emirates ground staff, the Hotel, The Park Inn rooms were really basic, no basic amenities such as toothbrush, pastes etc.

I hope you have a good warranty compensation clause against AirBus on these A380's, they shouldn't be this unreliable.
Managed to call the Emirates Manchester service team & they confirmed my new bookings for LHR to DBX now @ 15.00 on the 28th Sep & my connecting flight from DBX to Jakarta @ 04.15 on the 29th Sep.
The coaches would collect us from the Hotel @ 12.00pm, in fact they turned up @ 13.00, and I eventually boarded flight EK006 @ 14.45, but the flight still di! d not take off until 16.00.

29th Sep
Landed at DBX @! 02.25, after a long queue at the transfer desk, I was then informed that the 04.15 flight to Jakarta was fully booked!!!
I said yes I know, the Emirates Manchester office have booked me on it yesterday & given me the seat number 34C.
I then realized that I had been "bumped" as you call it, what's more annoying is the data that the Manchester office had given was just pure lies, no one likes being lied too.

30th Sep
So another overnight stay was arranged at the Millenium Hotel while I was re-booked again on EK356 seat #: 21K on the 30th Sep @ 04.15.
As I had now been in the same clothes for almost 3 days I asked if my luggage could be delivered to the Hotel, yes was the answer, but it never arrived, I had to go out & purchase new underwear, shirts, toothpastes etc, as again the Hotel amenities were very basic.
I repeatedly asked about my luggage, & ended up back at the Airport where after many conversations I was told it had gone to Jakarta! !!! & I had to make a baggage claim!! How much worse could this nightmare journey go on, but eventually one extremely helpful baggage attendant went out of his way & actually located it, sitting on the ramp!!
I eventually landed in Jakarta on Wed 30th Sep !!! with my luggage, well at least that arrived!
The consequence of being this late is that, I missed the opening day of my Pre-school in Cikarang.
Again how would you feel if your children returned home early from school because their teacher was delayed by this type of delay?.. not happy I presume.

I travel frequently between Jakarta & London, now reading this would you fly / use Emirates again?

Give me a three good reasons why, would be so interested to hear your views on this, but perhaps with most "blue-chip" companies today, once they have your money there not bothered about individual concerns & it will be the standard typed letter stating "reasons beyond our control" etc, etc! .
Emirate Airlines are in my opinion falling into the same trap as B! A did about 10 years ago, they wanted the passengers / business & ran a smart advertising campaign with attractive prices / routes, won the customer over but didn't have the infrastructure behind the gloss to manage the increased volumes & now if your honest, although it will never be admitted, customer problems have risen.
What process steps are you putting in place to ensure that Emirates can overcome these problematic areas in line with you increased passenger volumes?

Yours faithfully

Annie Saputri
EK 235294986
E-Ticket #: 176 2128445938
Reference : DXB/X/041009/6670611‏

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