Friday, September 23, 2011


Emirates blog post

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I want to post my complaint to the emirate's blog too.
On our return to the USA, we were delayed at the Islamabad airport for 15 hours on 9/5/11. The flight took off the next day and were not given any dinner vouchers.We were served dinner after the flight took off around 1am.
There were young children and seniors without dinner, but why would emirates care? Emirates did not even know what time the plane would depart. We were given multiple times, but none came out to be true.

We received an email saying that they would give the passengers 15000miles for the delay???
What if no one wants to travel on Emirates after the ordeal???
If we had mad that change in the itinerary, we would have had to pay. Why doesn't emirates take responsibility and pay for the delay?
Thank you.

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