Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Fwd: i need help to lodge a complaint against emirtates

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From: Hashim Ghori <hashim.ghori@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 9:05 AM
Subject: i need help to lodge a complaint against emirtates
To: jawad@alumni.washington.edu

Dear sir,
The flight # 517 dated:19th december,2011 from,Delhi To Dubai.
I booked my ticket on internet with my wife credit card some time before to travel dubai,when i reached the airport for travel the checkin counter asked me to show theĀ credit card,
I dont have the credit card with me and i requsted that supervisor of the emirates that please i dont have the card with me since its my wife,so how can i carry with me? and moreover if i know that its really going to be very important to produce i would have carried it.
That supervisor again he refused to accept me and then again i requested him and showed my visa,which is the last date of my travel i was carrying a 14days visa with me and that day was the last day of the visa and i requsted him please i have to go since i have no time to go by another flight also because its already 3 pm afternoon here,
i requsted him that ok i will call my wife to get the card here to you, and i will desposit whatever money you want,when she will come and show you the credit card give this deposit money back to her,that supervisor never listen me.
Its really so painfull for me to go back and face many problems for visa again.
Mover on my e-ticket recepit & itinerary they have not mentioned properly that I HAVE TO PRODUCE the Credit card on the checkin`counter
its written on the recept its in very,very small letters which i have to wear power glasses to see it. they have writtern: at check-in you may need to prensent the credit card used for payment.
Its really so hopeless people from emirates are working at new delhi airport who cannot understand and dont want to understand of coustmers problems...

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