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complaint against Emirates/

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From: Preet S Chind <>
Date: Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 3:47 PM
Subject: complaint against Emirates/

I have been bery interested in the amount of complaints that have been made against Emirates. I to have had a huge grivenss agains't Emirates, please find complaint attached and replies from Emirates and my answers inline.

Emirates Airlines Customer Affairs.


Re: Complaint Closed flight at DXB and Delay at DXB to LHR


Dear Customer Affairs,


I would like to complain about my deficient experience with my recent trip from Dubai to Delhi flight EK8512 which had been scheduled on the 09-01-12 at 6.30am arriving Delhi at 11am. I am attaching my original ticket also for your inspection.


Having reached Dubai airport at 4 am I first checked the flight status screens which showed that I could go to any check out to check in,  however  when I attempted to do so at a self check in all of the machines were currently being rebooted and I was told that I would have queue up. I first approached the counter for a Dublin flight but was told that I would need to move on to the next set of counters and so I did.


Upon standing in the queue I was amazed at the rush of people that were actually standing in the queue to check in. I estimated in the region of over 300 passengers all waiting patiently yet to my amazement only around 3 counters were open. I was so surprised at this I actually decided to take a picture heckling at myself at the lack of staff Emirates had on duty. Picture is attached for you to review also 


After around 20 – 25 minutes passing I actually realised that queue wasn't moving and spoke to one of the ground staff sighting that there were so many passengers and that why was there a lack of staff  explaining that my flight was at 6.30am to which the chap replied sir you have time and we are getting through the passengers. The chaos was so ridiculous that there was a man who I estimated spent around 45 minutes arguing about his baggage allowance claiming that the bag was 32kg despite it showing on the scales 40kg a picture is attached.

Quite obviously the Emirates check in staff was unable to calm the passenger down and was causing everyone else to be delayed.


Having waited for well over an hour I made myself available to one of the Emirates staff again raising my concern and frustration that the queue wasn't moving and that I had a flight at 6.30am. The staff still didn't acknowledge the fact about my flight time but merely asked for half the queue to move across to the other side of the airport where they had opened up a few more check outs. Finally once I had come to the front of the queue the time was around 5.25am and no one till now had called out the flight or asked for anyone on the Delhi flight to come forward despite my plea with staff about the chaos that was witnessed at the airport and shown in the photos.


Having placed my bags on the scales and presented my ticket the Emirates representative checked my visa asked me that I had already allocated a seat online etc and then after 5 minutes he had a very confused look on his face. He apologised and said that my flight had been closed. To my disbelief I asked him that if you are checking me in how my flight can just be closed. Oh sorry sir the computer isn't allowing me to check you in. To which I thought this must have just been a computer error or something. He said sir you will need to speak to the supervisor who will be able to assist and no further explanation was given as he felt embarrassed. I went across the counters to another Emirates representative whom just said the flight has been closed and can't do anything and you will need to walk over to customer services and see what they can do again no explanation was given as to why. I explained that I had been at the airport since 4am and that I had continually expressed my concern with not enough staff and no one had even called the flight or for anyone to come forward. He just uttered that he couldn't do anything and I had to walk over to customer services. Having queued in customer services I was met with another group of people of around 15 passengers who were going to Delhi also. Their experience was even more ludicrous that they were all checking in together however 4 of them got checked in and the other 11 were told that their flight had been closed and that they would have to speak to a supervisor. Due to their limitation of English I decided that I would assist them where I could as I was a frequent flyer with other airlines and normally there is a swift process in dealing with passengers when this occurrence happens.


Having gone to customer services I explained the situation I was alarmed to be told that I would have to pay to get on the next flight and that to wasn't guaranteed and that it would be standby. To my alarm I replied why would I need to pay when I was at the airport well over before hand, had made myself available to 2 ground staff but was shrugged off, finally told to go to the other end of the airport, my bags on the scales being checked in and then just told spontaneously that the flight had been closed. It just made me think from experience that Emirates had overbooked and this was a cheap ploy to just shrug their customers off which is truly unacceptable and have never experienced anything like this before .


My experience was further aggravated when I was then told that I would need to speak to an Airport Services Officer to where then I walked to and was met with probably the rudest arrogant man XXXXXXXXXX who's card I am attaching.

When I explained my situation to him he simply outright said that I was lying and that I had turned up to the airport late and attended to a message on his mobile phone! This had sent me into rage and was extremely upsetting and it had been confirmed that Emirates wasn't interested in their customers and that they merely wanted to shrug their customers off. When I asked for his card he was extremely reluctant and finally just threw it across the table and simply replied that he simply couldn't do anything and that I would need to buy a new fare and that I need to leave the office! Is this the level of respect your staff give its customers and their loyalty to fly with you?  I eventually went back again to customer services counter and then was told to walk over to counter A40. Arriving at counter A40 I was shocked at the carnage of customers whom had a similar heavy hand presented to them by Emirates. I attach a photo.

No level of control was visible, everyone concerned irate with Emirates process and everyone trying to have them-selves heard and get on to their onward flight. I witnessed a young girl in tears who had to get to Delhi for a funeral and was scheduled to be on the same flight and had the same treatment, arriving well over 3 hours making herself available, no one calling out the flight to have her come forward and was told that the flight was closed. I was truly in shock at the way Emirates was mishandling its passengers and in the 32 years that I have been flying never experienced something like this. Emirates were running their operation as a circus in my eyes with no process and no management expertise to handle such a cock up by supposedly an award winning airline. Please see picture attached of chaos and arguments occurring.

 The lady at counter A40 was probably the only helpful person that I had came across and I actually explained my situation to which she really had no words. Finally I was put on standby and was told that I would have to wait and come back around 9am to see if I could go on the 10.10am.  When I was told I could travel I then walked over to the payment counter where I was slapped with a 860 AED reschedule prices, yet the other people whom were flying to Delhi their charge was only 200AED which was utter discrimination. My point to the lady was why would I need to pay a fine despite being on time, making myself available, telling the ground staff that I was running late due to Emirates lack of staff  but yet nothing was done to which she said I don't know sir you will need to write a letter. It's a total disgrace in which the airline handled the whole situation. I'm attaching a receipt also for 860AED .

Please find ticket attached.


Furthermore due to the harassment I had to miss my train in Delhi that my cousin had booked and had to organise a flight instead for the next day to get to my onward destination putting me further out of pocket. Ticket is also attached of the booking that had to be made due to my delay which I expect Emirates to redeem me for.


My distasteful experience continued when I arrived at Delhi for my return flight DEL DXB EK 511 K 21Jan12 1050 21Jan12 1315 which was scheduled on time. I had bought 2 litres of duty free whisky arrived at the gate boarded and a call was finally made by the captain that the airport had been closed for an hour and that we were going to be grounded here at Delhi.


Finally once we had departed it was evident that 50% of the people on board would not be making their onwards journey which in all honesty due to my earlier experience I was extremely worried and concerned and explained to the stewards and said arrangement would be made on the ground.


Once I arrived at Dubai I was asked to go across to the counter, no explanation given what would happen, merely told that I would be put on the next day's flight and that I would need to stay at one of Emirates hotels to which I thought there was no point arguing and agreed. I explained that I had purchased expensive duty free to which I was told that I would be able to check this in tomorrow at no extra cost. I was told that my bags would be off loaded that contained my clothing, toiletries etc. Having reached the baggage collection area I waited for around 40 minutes and finally went to a representative whom I asked where my bags were. She explained they had been put on for tomorrow's flight but had promised me that she would get them to the hotel within 3 hours to which I agreed as I would finally take some rest and would wait for the bags.


After 4 hours I rang the Emirates desk again and explained my situation and that I had no change of clothes and that I was expecting my bag to arrive at the Copthorne hotel and not to my surprise I was told that the bag had already been checked in for tomorrows flight and that she couldn't do anything now and that I would need to complain once I arrived back to London.


I then asked the hotel if they could provide me with basics toiletries such as deodorant, tooth paste or shampoo etc to which I was told they would not supply this. Why in the hell of god wouldn't you supply this despite all airlines saying you can't take liquid on carryon luggage and my bags were in your procession!??


Finally I had to venture out purchase a change of clothes and deodorant from a local market occurring taxi cost which cost me in the region 200 AED for no fault of my own which I'm expecting to have refunded.


The next morning when I arrived at the airport on the 22-01-2011 for flight EK003 I already had my boarding pass however wanted to check in my carryon bag with my duty free I was told by check in I couldn't do so that I would have to pay excess baggage. I couldn't understand why there were mixed messages from the customer services agent when I landed however when I got to the airport a heavy hand was once against used which wasn't surprising.


How was I meant to avoid missing my flight if there was a delay which wasn't in my hands however my carryon bag was only 8kg however the alcohol that was bought on airside was probably 4Kg making me 4.0kg over weight which I thought was extremely petty especially taking into consideration the inconvenience that had been caused by Emirates.


Eventually I offered to give my presents that I had bought to some ground stuff who weren't part of Emirates however they kindly offered to pack the bottles in a card board box and have that checked in by speaking to someone from check in who was kind enough to let me do so.


Based on the above I hope Emirates considers my case as extremely serious and that the inconvenience and time wasted going from pillar to post and more so the financial damage that this trip has cost me I will be seeking compensation and if this is not considered then I will be pushing this complaint to higher authorise and consider airing this on various forums and social forums also. I feel as a 32 year old man I was very mature about the whole situation and didn't cause more of an uproar however had I been with my 2 years daughter and wife and this kind of behaviour was used my attitude would have been different and definitely not been tolerated. I have already spoken to my solicitor and will be seeking some kind of compensation if this isn't dealt with accordingly.


Furthermore I have attached pictures of the whole incident which I hope Emirates will take into consideration and further more will hopefully help Emirates better its service. I used to hear comparisons to Virgin and British Airways and can tell you first hand Virgin when my flight was delayed and missed gave my wife and I a round trip to anywhere in the world, but here in comparison Emirates subjected me to me being called a liar without any proof, being told it was tough and being slapped with a fine more so had to cancel my train tickets and had to get an alternative with having to fly to Chandigarh my final destination. I have never ever seen an airline handle a situation not once but twice through a trip. I'm very upset and distraught and will have to seriously consider my corporate network and business companions to fly with Emirates again unless some kind of compensation is granted and my money returned for me for the fines and onward journey.


I look forward to your reply settling this complaint.


Kind Regards



Mr C S Chind.


Dear Mr Chind

 Thank you for your e-mail regarding your experience with Emirates.

 I was sorry to learn of the difficulties you experienced when you tried to check-in at Dubai airport for flight EK8512 on 09 January 2012.

 The check-in area can become very busy during the morning peak hours, but there are always staffs that walk around the check-in queues and make final calls before the flight is closing, and Announcements are always made in the check-in area over the tannoy.  I'd like to add to this when I spoke to your ground staff supervisor he clearly mentioned that Emirates we're not obliged to make any announcements over the tannoy and that I should have made myself available which I had on many occasions.  When I mentioned this to the supervisor he had nothing to say so how can you be so certain that this was done on the day? Do you have a log? I can assure you this wans't! I'm a frequent travel and always listen out to notifications and more so on this occasion. And when I was standing the queue the Emirates staff said that I have plenty of time!

 The staff are in fact very conscious of doing the rounds since the new 60 minutes closing of check-in came into effect as there are passengers who are still unaware of this, and therefore they patrol the queues regularly to make sure there are no passengers stuck in a queue when their flight is closing. Again if you had called out why wouldn't have I made myself available? Again Emirates are playing it Coy here not wanting to admit that they made a huge blunder. Check this blog site out and see the amount of complaints against Emirates have been raised and the lack of understanding towards the customer .


 I have been in contact with our office in Dubai, where the check-in queues are monitored for statistics to see how long people are waiting, and they have advised they have never known anyone to queue for 1 and a half hours.

Well when I said to them to take my details I left them my business card also, obviously which supervisor in his right mind would say that their queues were busy? Don't the pictures give you justification and the chap who was arguing about his bags that caused a huge delay? Did you ask them the question about that? What were the statistics when only one side of the counter is open and how many flights do you brag on about that you fly out from Dubai?

It just seems that Emirates are still calling me a liar! Despite me saying that I had my myself available arrived on time however you don't want to acknowledge this point! This is unacceptable.

 Mr Chind I am sorry you missed this flight but there were 257 other passengers who were able to travel on EK8512, and therefore there is no evidence to support you missed this flight through any fault of Emirates. You really do make a great excuse as an airline, I'm there on time, you don't have enough staff working, I make myself available, no tannoy announcement made I wasn't the only person who made the same complaint however still being called a liar? How can this be?  Your staff was inadequately staff to handle the situation and certain passengers who should have been ushered along weren't. Why when I asked on many occasions wasn't I put at the front of the queue, why did your staff say that they are not obliged make announcements on the Tannoy as none were made!?

 However, I am concerned to learn of your disappointment at the behaviour displayed by members of our ground staff towards you at Dubai airport. May I assure you that rudeness of staff members is not tolerated and that we take a serious view of such incidents? We expect our staff members to always deal with passengers in a friendly and professional manner, which you, as our customer, have every right to expect.

So doesn't this give enough reason to believe that if an incident had occurred have they admitted in the heavy handed tactic they had used? Yes I'm being told that I'm lying about all of the above?

 Nevertheless, with regard to the photographs you have taken inside the Terminal at Dubai airport, our office in Dubai have advised that you have breached security regulations, and if noted at the time, you could have experienced serious consequences . Please refrain from taking photographs inside the Terminal. Fair enough but it's a risk that I took due to my frustration. Do you think I normally take pictures of people in queues and peoples bags on the floor? I took this pics so that I had evidence of the lack of staff and the issues that I faced, yet I'm being told it wasn't Emirates fault in why I missed my flight?? How does that work?

 However, I was sorry to learn that your return flight from Delhi EK511 was delayed by 80 minutes on 21 January. Our records show this was due to Air Traffic Control and I am sure you can appreciate these are circumstances beyond our jurisdiction.

 Nevertheless, I am truly sorry this resulted in you missing your flight to London Heathrow.

 Whilst our staff re-booked you to travel on the same flight the following day and provided you with hotel accommodation, regrettably it is not always possible to retrieve luggage, as this is placed in Transfer containers, but I apologies if this was not explained to you more clearly. Regrettably we are not in a position to reimburse the costs you incurred in Dubai in this respect.

So did you ask your ground staff why I was told it would come to the hotel? You have statistics to queue monitoring but at the same time don't you monitor what your passenger's have requested and log it in some kind of system? Yet that must be the passengers fault also? So I'm put on another flight yet I'm not allowed to get my bags yet promised? What am I supposed to wear smelly clothes and leaves? I buy duty free told that I can have my bags definitely however you fail to deliver again what you promised, and when I reach the airport I'm expected to throw my duty free bottles away? Please I think Emirates don't have a leg to stand on here and 15k miles is supposed to justify the financial and personal problems that I faced due to Emirates yet I'm called a liar?

 Mr Chind in respect of this delay, it is never our intention to have dissatisfied passengers, and therefore as a gesture of our goodwill I have arranged for you to have 15,000 complimentary miles credited to your Skywards account. I do hope you will accept these miles in the spirit in which they are intended. I'm sorry that the 15k miles is of no use to me, I don't wish to fly with Emirates or any of the partners, this isn't even sufficient to even get me a one way upgrade, this is more so insult to injury of being called a liar, being told that it's not Emirates fault however as a goodwill you will give me 15k miles which are worthless to me! What am I really supposed to do with 15k miles? TO be honest I will be writing to your Emirates directors also in the UK and abroad and be taking this up with different media agencies corporate companies that I'm affiliated with. I will not let this just lie low the way Emirates has handled this. I suggest you review your gesture of goodwill as a customer I was no way to blame for Emirates blunder.

 Mr Chind I am sorry you have found cause for complaint, and I do hope this unfortunate experience will not deter you from travelling with Emirates again, when we will welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our service commitment.

Like mentioned I will take this further unless a sensible offer of settlement is made or I will not hesitate to cascade this issue on.

 Yours sincerely

   Mandy Cook (Mrs)


I was wondering with whom I can take my complaint procedure further?

Preet S Chind


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