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Fwd: Emirates - big companies with big problems

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From: Jelena Sandic <>
Date: 2012/2/1
Subject: Emirates - big companies with big problems

Emirates flight EK764 from Johannesburg to Dubai, on 23 January are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. They kept us on the plane 6 hours trying to fix the engine.


Ok, something unexpected happened and we all come to terms with the situation, but Emirates Airlines did nothing right, at least in my case.

I had a ticket from Johannesburg to Dubai and from Dubai to Beograda. My ticket failed due to a fault plane. Emirates gave me other cards, at least I thought so, and that everything will be fine.

In Johannesburg, I was barely able to get more detailed information, what are my rights in this case. I am 4 days late, missing two important business meetings, the loss of several thousand euros for this, my children are left without care because I hared the person who kept them until Tuesday, and my time will be extended until Friday ...

Ok, all this is happening and everything is understandable, but neglect such a great company to its passengers I do not understand.

In Dubai, will not let me pass passport control because I do not have a visa, go back to the Emirates desk and they give me information that they can't provide visa and hotel, because there is no place ... and that I must remain here at the airport 2 nights and all day! Terrific!

I go to Emirates custumer and ask for my rights, and there I get the information that the visa will cost me around $ 180 but the hotels are full. We arrive in a circle and contact relatives, friends, for me to spend huge sums on telephone conversations with their homeland. All we say to be persistent, the Emirates not to behave and to say that I will sue them.

So I did, but sufficiently frustrated, tired, and with tears in my eyes, I return to the Emirates desk customer and ask another person to my right. Comes some head and calms me, saying that there is no need for lawsuits and spreading negative stories about them, that everything will be okay, that Emirates will take care of me. I finally got the hotel (it was already morning) and a visa for 24 hours and am going to take my luggage, but it does. Again, complications, go to the lost and found, look for my luggage and the search is over just the next day at noon ...

In the hotel I have until Thursday, on Thursday, moving the terminal Fly Dubai, finally flying to Belgrade, but I say there that I am not in the system, that my card was canceled because not paid !????

What harassment!

I'm  returned to the terminal - the Emirates and there are telling me that everything was ok, that was probably a problem in the system, to get back on the Flay Dubai and will be all right.

Again, I catch a taxi and go to the Fly Dubai, again nothing, do not give my boarding pass, no confirmation of my flight and I stubbornly refused. I have to turn the taxi and the Emirate .... Unheard of. Is it a concern for passengers? Does this stress can cover your 15 000 Skywardes??

At Emirates, we give a new map and say again to fly back to Dubai. I do not have much time. Desk for 10 minutes zatvara.Ako'm late and if we now do not give a ticket


will remain in Dubai, my visa has expired, money I spent on the taxi, my phone does not work, I am alone and scared!

Fly Dubai hardly receive me, but I still do not give a ticket because I still have in the system. They say people waiting a little longer. I've had it all, do not feel well, I just want to go home!

After 10 minutes finally corrected the mistake and I run on a plane!

No one would not wish what I went through. Emirates - Big companies with Big problems. Emirates just do not have a program to deal with crisis situations, may not have the protection of customers, I felt very betrayed, powerless, in a foreign country, playing to one's unwritten rules, harass me from desk to desk, giving me wrong information ...

As for me, will require proper compensation for what was happening to me, if necessary through the courts.


Jelena Sandić


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