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Poor Emirate services

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I had a horrible experience traveling through Emirates, my incidence is as below, hope to hear from you.



 I wish to draw your kind attention to the horrible experience I went through during my flight from Dubai to New Delhi. My flight details are as below-



Flight  - Emirates Airlines (EK) - 512  Monday 13 February 2012


Emirates Airlines Confirmation Number:  CEY5YB


Depart: 22:10 Monday 13 February 2012   Dubai Intl Arpt (DXB),Terminal  3

Arrive: 02:40 Tuesday 14 February 2012  Delhi Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL),

Terminal  3


Flight  512     Non-stop


Class of Service:       Economy (G)


My Copy of the ticket is attached for your reference.


To my horror, we were served food after one and half hour. After request for one beer 5 to 6 times I was served beer after 45 minutes, I was though the lucky one my fellow colleague got a glass and some ice and had to wait for 50 minutes for his drink.


The staff on duty was extremely rowdy and impolite. After I had pushed button for assistance no one appeared even till the time the flight was about land. No one came to clear my table so that I could close my food tray during landing. It was only during dying minutes one lady appeared and started shouting and spilt half of the food items on my cloths while clearing the tray.


I had heard of emirates for their good service, I was shocked for such a treatment. I am too small to take any step against the humiliating experience which I had, but surely my strict recommendation to my fellow colleagues would be to restrain from using Emirate services.




Warm Regards


Sandeep Vahi


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