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safety issue of emirates flight

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Date: Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 5:13 PM
Subject: safety issue of emirates flight

hello Jawad 
good day 
i have a complain about the safety matter of emirates flight which is very important and i hope you will upload the below matter and i will be grateful to you,

i recently traveled with emirates from sydney to dhaka via dubai. on  last year 13th december my flight was Ek 413 from sydney-dubai.the first time traveling with emirates air bus so it was very exciting to me and i traveled with my family. my daughter is 1year old so i took seat last cabin of the flight as the other passenger will not get disturb if my infant kid will cry.any way, the meal time- we are waiting and waiting but no meal is coming. we were very hungry as the flight has been depart at 10pm and we left home in evening. they has been served to all cabin except the last one. i could not wait so long and ask a cabin crew where is our food? she told me she forgotten and told sorry!!!!  we found very strange when she did the same thing in breakfast time. i asked how can she forget all the time about the meal for the passenger? she told me that its a big flight and they cant remember!!!! i told each cabin has nominated crew to serve and in air bus they do shift duty so how come they forget.she didnt reply me any thing about it. any way now come to the main issue----

on 14th of December 2010 our flight was EK586 from Dubai to Dhaka. the transfer from airport to the flight via transit bus after a long waiting. any way, we found in the flight that our seat arenot in serial that we booked for. so many other passenger came from Europe and states who are going facing the same problem. when arrived we just seat on our located seat.but one family told me to exchange that we both family can be seat with our family member. i asked the cabin crew XXXX and she told me that we cant seat with the infant as it was emergency exit row seats. i agreed and told her that we adult will seat there if it is ok for the flight . she gave us permission and we 3 adult (window exit i sat and other 2 passenger from that family who wanted to exchange). ok the flight has been departed and there was not safety video which is making me very strange. i was thinking about what cabin crew XXXXX told when we departed that exit row no child or infant can seat as a matter of safety. i want to tell about my self i am a marine engineer and working for australian merchant navy for the last 10years.20years  i am flying with different air lines in every month. last 5years i am QANTAS frequent flyer gold member. so could not accept what they did. i asked the cabin crew as she told about the safety matter about the exit row seat. then before departure why she did not explain the emergency operation of the emergency exit door???????? where is the safety has been maintained by emirates before flying??????? i asked the safety video matter too. she told it has been shown on tv screen. then i asked my co passenger about safety video they had watch or not? they all said that they haven't seen. she was so grumpy and told that its not to explain the emergency  exit door operation in case of emergency when we take off. she will explain to all of us when we will land and regarding the safety video she told it may be shown before we on board!!!! i told her how come it is possible before all the passenger arrived the safety video has been i told her i am not happy about the safety video and emergency exit row responsibly explain with demonstration . 
after 10minutes, she came with another cabin crew name XXXXXX. he told me whats my problem. i told what happen. then he told me that he can select any person in this flight for  emergency operation of the emergency exit door. he is not suppose to demonstrate me. then i told him that how come it is possible? if he will select some one from the end row of the flight then in case emergency how the person can come to operate the emergency door? he didnt answer my this question and walk off with the cabin crew XXXXXX. 
we came back to sydney our home  and the same thing happen to the flight in EK 412 on 19th January,2012- no food served in last cabin and same excuse.
any way, i cant accept that the excuse that the air bus is very big and so many passenger that they cant look after all. they has nominated cabin to look after and we pay for the service  in advance.why should we will not get that. ok, we can consider this food matter for this time as it was in Xmas and school holiday season so they were busy but how come when safety issue is coming for the safety video and a sily explanation about the demonstration of emergency exit row seat matter. i really cant consider that safety issue. i will be highly oblige if emirates air lines will investigate that matter and improve the skill of the cabin crew and to give them more information about the safety of the flight and duty of care.
i am waiting for the kind reply from emrates to investigate about the safety issue and resolve that problem that every one can fly with emirates safe with enjoy 
Mohammad arifur Rahman
emirates frequent flyer number-EK-283214606

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