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Dear Mr Jawad,
I am very sorry to complain about my loving country Airlines, but there some questions I as a passenger need some answers. Last year I travelled with my brother an sister to USA on First Class on the way back from USA at the airport we was told that there is no first class seat available my my sister took the business class seat the staff told us that we will be refunded the different. After few days we contacted our travel agent In Abu Dhabi I was surprise that a coupon was issued for an amount of 4500 Dirhams. Excuse me!!!!!! We pay more than 50 Thousands to relax and get the service, but if the Airline can't offer my seat that all I get y not the different between the First and the Business class, there is a big gap between the 3 classes and there is categories (a,b,c,d, etc) I am as a passenger don't now what games are Airlines playing.
This year in the 2nd of June we had a booking on business class for 3 passenger, the surprise was that when we reached the counter the staff informed us that the flight was over booked???? Not again Emirates Airlines. The question is what can u do for us?? I have Doctors appointment on the 4th and we came all the way from Abu Dhabi how can we postponed our flight????!!!
The staff promised that the passenger will get 3 sets so he can sleep comfortably and a coupon of 200 Dirhams in the pone, We decided to get on the plane the 3rd passenger didn't get the 3 sets because the flight was full and he didn't even got any food or business class service, 15 hours flight and the worse service in the world all what I need now my money back the different between 2 tickets for 2012 and 2013 because I am planning to complain to the news papers and send it to our media in UAE.

Thanks and best regards
J. A. Ali

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