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Fwd: Bad Experience with Emirates

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From: Snehil Tiwari <>
Date: Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 5:50 AM
Subject: Bad Experience with Emirates

I traveled from Boston to New Delhi using Emirates Airlines on March 14th 2014. My wife and I were forced to check our carryon bag at the gate, even though we were only bringing one piece shared between the two of us.  I asked the airlines to please pay extra attention and make sure our bag was delivered on time in New Delhi as we were going for our wedding reception to India and had a lot of important clothing and personal belongings in the bag, which we had placed in the carry on in the first place to ensure we had no issues with luggage delivery.  

When we arrived in New Delhi our bag was found to be delayed and I am to this day still fighting with Emirates to get my delayed bag returned. Every contact and response I receive from them feels like they are trying to confuse and stall the process, rather than resolve the claim. Over a long period of time I have been in touch with multiple emirates people and have wasted countless otherwise productive hours - if not complete days - trying to get somewhere.

On top of all this, on my return flight from New Delhi to Boston my checked-in bag was found damaged and I have yet to receive the settlement for that.

I never receive any proactive response from Emirates and have to email and call multiple times before getting any response. When someone does reply, it is usually to request a new form unmentioned previously or to request additional unspecific information (they never say exactly what piece of information or documentation is missing).

Here is a quick summary of the issues me and my wife have been facing since March 14th, 2014:

1)      Poor customer service response, as the complaint ticket has been moved around for a while now without any resolution being provided

2)      No one at Emirates has shown any sincerity or inclination to resolve the issue

3)      Almost three months have passed without resolution 

4)      The attitude of the claim officer during telephone contacts has been downright disrespectful and offensive, to the extent that we now refused to discuss the claim over the phone anymore. We have had to request that our communication be conducted by emails to protect us from his abuse and harassment

I am writing to bringing it to Emirates attention if they are looking to some much needed improvement in their employee attitude towards customer, to show a minimum of respect for its customers, as well as their time and belongings trusted to the care of Emirates.

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