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Fwd: Racism on Emirates

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Date: Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 1:55 AM
Subject: Racism on Emirates
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Many thax for this opportunity. I am frustrated. attached is my serious complain
Subject: An Urgent serious complaint/ discrimination act


I flew yesterday from Newcastle Airport to Bahrain.

I checked in online and went to the check in counter and dropped the luggage and all was clear and ready to go.

Upon boarding the plane, a staff member stopped me and my family( my aunti) and argued with us that we are only allowed ONE piece of hand luggage (7kg)Per person. Personally i was carrying a handbag which clearly states the weight as 6.7 only. Along i was carrying as every woman a personal purse. THIS MAN CHARGED me for my PERSONAL SMALL LADY PURSE I WAS CARRYING. He even weighed it!!!!!!!!
I was charged 50 pounds for carrying my personal lady bag.  When I argued with him, he told me " I'm following the rules and regulations of Emirates"!!!!!!! Bear in mind he doesn't work for the airline but he was talking on behalf of it. I only had 10 minutes before the plane took off. I believe these people are exploiting this matter for their benefit. Emirates ground crew knew what was happening and kept silent.

I'm a regular customer with Emirates, you can even check my records as its clean. I annually travel via Emirates from Newcastle. This is the first time this ever happens to me.

I regard this as an act of DISCRIMINATION. I assure you that the authorities there did not check ANY of the women's purses except for the three of us. ( We were very few muslims and arabs) I even checked in dubai airport I was told by the transfer desk that this act is impossible! Women are allowed their personal bag plus a handbag( 7 kg) and that was exactly my case.

I was very upset and furious upon such an act. I choose emirates for its luxury and excellent reputation but was seriously disappointed today for all the hassle, discrimination and the whole situation we have been through.

I DEMAND an urgent reply/ investigation/ act and compensation for this very upsetting situation.

If I don't receive any satisfying reply within 24 hours , I am afraid I will have to take this matter forward through the media on a very WIDE scale. Plus I will have to write to the Chief Executive whom I'm sure he will not allow any kind of discrimination occurring on Emirates! Even if I don't get any reply, I'm going to look for serious effective channels and methods through which I can get even international attention to this serious incident which I believe is not good for the image of the airlines, if you really care!

Attached is the receipt of the payment I was forced to make along with my personal bag and my handbag.

Mona Ghaith
EK 036
24th aug 2014


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