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Fwd: Complains about the Emirate staff who worked in Dubai International Airport.

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Subject: Complains about the Emirate staff who worked in Dubai International Airport.
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Hi there,
I just want to submit an complain against Emirate staff in Dubai International airport. But just have no idea where to send it, then I found this. I was really terrible experience, before this I do satisfied with Emirate service, or even LIKE their service, all staffs are great as the same as their cabin crews...they are just too nice! I couldn't imagine how could this kind of tragedy happened, especially on me, myself. After been treated so rude by one of their staff, my tears just went out, I couldn't stop it...thousands of passengers waiting their flight in DuBai International Airport just saw this:a little poor girl just walked to her boarding gate with crying. Here is what happened:
I got a flight transfer on a very early morning from Dubai to Sydney. Since my previous flight got a delay for landing at Dubai(supposed arrived around 7:00am but we landed at 7:30-7:40am), so which meansI have already spent more than 7 hours on the flight which departure from Madrid,Spain to Dubai. I was so tired and exhausted, so I decided to upgrade my tix to business class, I just can't suffering the insomnia for another 14-17hours,sitting in that small seat and trying to get sleep. Omg, how I wish I didn't think about this, so that there will be no other stories at all. After our flight landed in Dubai, I just went straight to the 'Emirates' help desk ask for purchasing upgrading, however they told me I could not do it there,need go to the tickets sales's1 floor up...right..not a big deal, I just followed what she told me, but I could not find the stairs where can take me 1 floor up... After walking for 20-30mins with a backpack, laptop and an heavy shopping bag on hands, there is a airport staff showed up and directed me to the right way...thank you so much. Now I saw the tickets sales desk, great! After tell them that I wanted to upgrade, I stood there waiting for their computer response, unfortunately, they could do it, they just asked me to go to some kind of help desk beside them, and asked staff there to help me log off my ticket, then they could help me for upgrading. Perfect! So just walked beside, and lined up there... After a long time waiting, it seems like we still not move forward, the staff who supposed to help me do the upgrading stuff, just came and told me that it may cost me so many time, that I could probably miss my flight, then she suggested me to do upgrading just outside my boarding gate. Okay, understand! After ask the airport staff about the location of my boarding gate, B13, upstairs! Yay!! I will come back home with a nice sleep happy! However, here is what begins!!!! When I walked upstairs, just found there's no one outside gate B13, Which is unusual..cuz it will be the boarding time soon... Luckily just saw the 'Emirates' sign, thought it could be their help office or just office, so pop inside and ask staff there about upgrading, they told me I got enough time to do it downstairs..what?! Downstairs?!!! O~~~Kay... Just walked back then. Another long time to wait...(even they have 2 staff sitting in front of the table with 'economy class' written on, but they still asked me to wait for the long line up there) right...I'll wait! Finally, it's my turn...when there is no so much time left before my flight boarding begin. Asked the staff to log me off then turned to the next table quickly..really quick! However, the lady who served me before said I couldn't do it now, it was just to close to my boarding time, I need to ask the cabin crew for this service while I got on board. And of course she blamed me about logging off the tix...( but hey this is what you told me to do before, eh?!) anyway, I don't really have much energy left to argue with you on this...right I just walked back to upstairs again! Yes! And surprised me, still no one waiting outside the gate I went to that sort of office room again ( okay, after all I just realised that is not an office room...actually it's business class lounge. There's a lady staff who served me, she just checked my boarding pass and then told me loudly that I don't have the authority to come to the lounge, it seems like that I do not deserve her service because I am not Bisiness/First class passenger. It was fine, of course..My ticket is not underĀ  business class, which is understandable! However, I was so worried is there anything wrong cuz no one outside gateB13.. So I asked her why there is no one outside boarding gate? Now this time her voice and attitude just changed from unpleasant to the worst. She just said loudly:" do you know what ticket do you have? And do you know there is B13 downstairs?" I said" no" , when I just want to ask where it about, she begins her kind of aggressive talk again:"do you know what is your ticket number? Do you know what's this number is?""where? The QF....." "Do you know what do they mean?" "No, so" "Never mind!"... " so do I need to wait here outside gate B13?" No response..even not looking at me just ignore me, like I was not there!!!! What?!!!! I walked outside...and at that time, my tears went out...I just could not stop it..

So I am thinking @EmiratesFlight, is it only the person who purchased Business Or First class ticket can have a polite service?!!! So you do not really care about the client who purchased economy tickets?! They actually not really important to you isn't it?!!! Wow.... I think this time would be my last time to take your flight then. BTWthe cabin crew on flight are fantastic...they serve each customer soooooo nice and polite!

Really a SHAME to your airport staffs in Dubai International Airport!!!!!!

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